Monday, March 11, 2013

The Last Date I Ever Will Go On

Boy & Girl chat at party for two hours
Girl, upon getting up to leave party, gives Boy her numbers unprompted
Boy likes Girl, finds her intelligent and interesting, fascinating even
Boy & Girl text for two weeks off and on, make drink plans
Boy meets Girl at bar, conversation and laughter ensue
Boy is drinking more than Girl
Boy takes Girl’s hand during late conversational tale about how he has thrice cheated death
Girl does not resist hand taking
Hand holding continues off and on for remainder of time at bar, at his initiation
Boy & Girl leave bar
At logical parting point, Boy points out his car parked just down the block
Despite his vehicle being within snowball’s throw, Girl suggests she instead drive him back to his vehicle
Boy & Girl walk to Girl’s car in a nearby parking deck
Girl drives Boy 90 seconds to his street-parked car
Boy says he had a really good time tonight; Girl responds in kind
Boy & Girl kiss
Boy again says goodnight, exits car, drives home
Boy texts girl two days later; no response
Boy waits, texts girl again five more days later; no response
Girl sends Boy message saying she was “freaked out” by his behavior
Girl sends Boy message saying she currently has no intention of dating “anyone”
Girl sends Boy message saying she’s “sorry” if she gave the “wrong impression”
Girl sends Boy message saying she has no intention at present but making new friends
Girl sends Boy messages saying she had “no idea” what to say and thus hadn’t responded
Girl clearly had plenty to say
Boy stares at ceiling for forty-five minutes straight
Contrary to typical pattern, Boy then starts drinking and smoking
Boy writes genuine, heartfelt apology to Girl for “overstepping his bounds,” etc.
Boy writes genuine, heartfelt apology to Girl for causing her any “troubles and vexations”
Boy writes genuine, heartfelt apology to Girl but hopes, sincerely hopes, they might even be friends
Boy decides this will be the last date of his life
Boy sits down to write good story

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